Learn about our technology and hearing science, and what it means to your experience of music.
Why personalised sound?
When earbuds are tuned perfectly to your hearing, you’re able to hear a large amount of detail in the music that you’d otherwise miss out on.
Every instrument is more distinct and present, and you feel much more like you’re actually there, listening to a live performance.
Most earphones are tuned to the hearing of an average listener, but not to the subtleties of each individual’s hearing.
These subtleties make a big difference. Normal hearing varies significantly from person to person, and even your left ear has different sensitivities to your right.
Nura earbuds are different.
They tune themselves to
your hearing, giving you the
opportunity to experience
fully personalised sound.
your hearing
Nura earbuds have highly sensitive microphones that are used to measure otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) from your cochlea.
NuraTrue exploded view showing inner components
OAEs are incredibly faint sounds that are produced by the inner ear as a byproduct of amplifying sound.
They were first theorised by Austrian astrophysicist Thomas Gold in 1948 and first measured by British physicist David Kemp in 1978.
The loudness of an OAE at a given frequency depends on the sensitivity of the ear at that frequency.
By measuring OAEs, we can determine which frequencies your ears are more or less sensitive to.
Once the hearing measurements are complete, they are processed to create your unique hearing profile.
Your hearing profile is
stored on the Nura device,
and is applied to whatever
you listen to, on any device.
NuraBuds: imported hearing profiles
Picture of NuraBuds
Our smallest and most affordable earbuds (NuraBuds) can't create a hearing profile on their own, but they can import a hearing profile created with a premium Nura device.
If you’ve created a hearing profile on a Nuraphone, NuraLoop or NuraTrue, you can import your profile on your NuraBuds to experience personalised sound.
Don’t have a hearing profile to import? The NuraBuds are still one of the best sounding earbuds for their price.
Free shipping for orders over $75.
Photo of NuraTrue
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